Searching for Password Protected PDF Unlock Tool?

Password protection is a useful and remarkable feature of PDF files or documents. This feature is fruitful for administrator as he can save PDF data from unwanted users. Administrator can cease certain operations on the PDF files by employing passwords to them. He can lock print, edit, extract, copy etc. Using PDF password allow him not to show data to every user.

  • Are You an Administrator Who Has Forgotten PDF Password: If you are an administrator then you must be using PDF password for the sake of security to your PDF files. But if you forget this password and unable to recall it, then it can create trouble for you.
  • Are You a User And In Need of PDF password? If you are a user and require PDF password when your administrator is in out of reach situation and you need PDF password to carry out some important task. Such a situation can create hurdle in your work.

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Tool to Break PDF Print Protection

You can unlock password protected PDF with some third-party tool. You can rely on PDF Unlocker, using this tool you can easily print password protected PDF file. This tool is helpful in performing password protected PDF unlock process. This tool is perfect to remove PDF unlocker for editing, copying, extracting, & printing operations.

Tool to Break PDF Print Protection

You can test the software and evaluate its performance with the help of this trial version. The Demo Version will unlock PDF file but will watermark it with “ as this is a restricted version of our software. For a PDF file, which has more than 1 page, the demo version will help you create the unlocked PDF file with same number of pages where alternate pages will be blank.