Most Genuine Solution to Resolve SQL Error 8909

  • Do you have SQL 2000 installed on your system?
  • While attempting to access a table in one of the SQL databases, are you coming across this error message – Table error: Object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID, page ID P_ID1. The Page Id in the page header = P_ID2?
  • Do you know why this error might have appeared? Well! This error 8909 actually occurs whenever there is an incidence of header corruption in some of your SQL Server database pages. This can even happen due to some incorrect operation of read/write. The page that you request might have some particular ID, but, when it is read form the disk, its header might contain a different page ID. This makes you unable to access records of that particular table. In a worse circumstance, this corruption might spread over to other parts of the database also and might make the whole database completely inaccessible to you.
  • Do you have an updated backup to restore this database? No? Then follow the methods discussed below:
  • Checking error logs will help you find if there are any hardware issues. For this, you must run hardware diagnostics to find out if there is any hardware malfunctioning. If required, replace damaged hardware components.
  • For fixing logical corruption to recover SQL Server database, you can try running DBCC CHECKDB with an appropriate repair clause.
  • If problem still remains unsolved, then, you can take help of our SQL Recovery software. This SQL Error 8909 Fixer uses advanced recovery techniques to fix SQL error and to restore all your damaged SQL Server database components without harming data integrity. You won't lose any of the original properties as well as relationships as were there originally in your MDF files. Simple and understandable interface answers your questions - how to recover corrupt SQL database and how to open SQL database?

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